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Aero Sutan Aswar or people may know him as Aero Aswar, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 4, 1994. Aero learned to ride Jetski at the age of 3 and did his first ever race at 4.5 years old. That first race he did was held in Jakarta in 1999 and for a first timer racing a Jetski he won that race which was called Baby Race. Baby Race was intended for the young Jetski racers ranging from age 4 to 8 years old. The support, disciplines and courage he got from his mentor and Dad, Fully Aswar who made him a young athlete who dedicated himself to water sports. In 2012 Aero was nominated for the best young athlete represent for High School students in Indonesia to receive the award from Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia. 


At the age of 14 he turned Professional and he has been competing around the globe, challenging himself to every body of water out there. In 2011, he joined an international race, Mark Hahn 300 and won that race with an Ironman style. Doing it solo for 300 miles and was only allowed to stop for refuels.

Since his first trophy in 1999, Aero has attended several dozens races in home country and International, his strong willingness to learn and be a champion give him a strong motivation to move on by disciplining himself to practice during the weekend and his free time. He has been competing to get world title in the Pro Runabout Open and GP Runabout class in the World Finals and he has been joining the US National Tour competition as well. Aero has won several trophies awarded during his journey of competitions he attended in many countries all over the world.

Aero Aswar is supported by a family who loves water sports. His sibling, Aqsa Aswar is a Pro racer, the family travels around the world with Aero during the competition ensuring he is well supported during his race.


In 2014 Aero got his two US National Champion Titles for Pro Runabout Open and Stock categories, World Title at the IJSBA World Finals in Pro Runabout Stock, and his second Gold Medal at the 4th Asian Beach Games held in Phuket, Thailand and received a massive recognition from the industry as he is the youngest racer to ever won a world title in the runabout division at the of 19 years old. Aero also was voted the best racer in the world that year.


He then joined the AquaX series that was held in Florida most of the time and got is World #1 Rank in 2016. His training routine and dietary plan are by far his main focus to keep winning championships. 


Indonesia hosted the second largest sporting event in the world, the Asian Games. It was the 18th Asian Games and it will only took place every four years. Aero and his brother were two of the athletes who represent Indonesia. Aero’s Jetski were shipped from the United States to Indonesia to join his favorable classes. Aero took the Silver Medal in the Runabout Limited class while his Aqsa took home the Bronze Medal. Aqsa ended his Asian Games with a Gold Medal in the Endurance Open class. 


In 2019 the World Champion from 2014 and 2016 came back to the World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ conquering once again and received another World Title. Aero won the Pro Endurance Open with a full points Moto finish competing with all of the respected endurance racers out there. 


Full Name       : Aero Sutan Aswar

Place of Birth : Jakarta

Date of Birth  : December 4, 1994

Nationality     : Indonesian

Blood Type      : A+

Height           : 180cm

Weight          : 75kg

Race Number


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